What is Boostiny ?

Boostiny is a smart Performance and Internet Marketing Platform for nano-influencers that allows every user to share commercial offers through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram,…) Users become NANO-INFLUENCER and earn commission on every click, or sale generated. Looking for an ALTERNATIVE to advertising on social media? Do you want that REAL people talk about you or recommend your products? Do not hesitate to try BOOSTINY, the first platform for nano-influencers !

Why Boostiny?

Boostiny is a solution to let anybody be an online salesman/woman for multiple Local e-commerces. Advantages are multiples:

  • Self-entrepreneurship solution for people from developing countries, through their mobile phone they can generate revenues (Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth)
  • Local Ecommerce in developing countries are an economic opportunity, but they are facing difficulties to promote their products as main advertising platform are overseas and expensive compared to local currency. Boostiny offers the opportunity yo advertise online with budgets at local scale, and through local people
    We believe that Boostiny will help to develop ecommerce in the Region creating then more work opportunities, but not only. Boostiny’s users as well will be self-entrepreneurs and find there a descent way of working


Who are we ?

A Startup…

Like every new start-up our ambitious are illimited. We do believe that our ideas are brilliants and that we will conquer the world. Every obstacle we encounter will only motivate us even more!


…Supported by strong partners !

Without a solid foundation and without valuable partners, every start-up nowadays has a small chance to succeed. fortunately, it is not the case of Boostiny! Our main shareholders assure us today not only sustainability but also confirmed expertise in all the related fields : Tarek Nachnouchi, Founder, Medianet, Partner & Investor, Flat6labs as an accelerator & Investor.

The Founder

Tarek Nachnouchi

Tarek Nachnouchi: Over 18 years of experience in Digital Marketing and e-commerce. Today, the digital head at Medianet, Mr. Tarek Nachnouchi has an international background at Yahoo in Paris and London as Advertising Product Manager, Then at Yahoo in Dubai as a head of Search Marketing. An important experience within the JABBAR Group and Souq.com that allowed him to launch the first Middle East affiliation platform. Back in Tunisia since 2014, Today he is also startup and entrepreneur, participating in the launch of many local initiatives in the field of Digital Marketing.

Mohamed Anis Mahjoubi CTO
Dev wizard with 6 year in web and Mobile


Handsome 🙂
Achref Meghirbi Mobile Developper
Student at ESPRIT Tunisia. Hardworker. Future Millionaire


Genius 🙂
Aziz Brahem Marketing
Degree in Marketing. Sales and Communication Background


Adobe Suite
Let's party! 🙂